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 How To Set Up Server [1.0]

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How To Set Up Server [1.0] Empty
PostSubject: How To Set Up Server [1.0]   How To Set Up Server [1.0] EmptySat Feb 19, 2011 10:50 am

Hello! Let's get you set up to run a server.

[Lime] Make security changes
If you've run a server before, you'll probably be OK, otherwise, you need to make arrangements that let the server talk to the internet. This includes:

  • Port forwarding if you are using a router.
    Click link for detailed instructions.
  • Telling your firewall sofware to make an exception for Minecraft.
    If you have Windows Firewall, it will alert you the first time that the server tries to connect. On that occassion, tell it to always allow this. If you have installed other firewall software, you probably know how to use it already.

[Teal] Get the server software.
If you are using Windows, go straight for the Minecraft_Server.exe link on the download page.
If you are using Linux, please use a different tutorial: Linux Minecraft survival server setup.
If you are using Windows and want a moded server with plugins, go straight for the latest one here and click artifact then the jar file download page. WEBSITE

Save the file to the folder you want it in.

[Blue] Run the server software for the first time.
It will generate lots of other files, and start running straight away!
Your server is feasibly usable now, but let's check the details first.

[Indigo] Configuration
● Open the file in a raw text editor such as Notepad.
If you don't have that file, use this one, and save it as in the folder of your server:

#Minecraft server properties
#Thu Aug 12 18:50:39 BST 2010
[--+] Leave server-ip blank!
[RedShroom] If you want people to be able to log in as whoever they want or you trust everyone who is ever going to connect, then you might want to change online-mode to false. This is a very bad idea in most circumstances.
[Portabella] If you want to change the port, do. Remember you have to forward/open whatever port you choose to use.
[Coal] Change the level-name if you want. Nobody sees it, and it's less trouble to just leave it as-is.

● Next, open ops.txt
Put your username in it. Next, giving each name a new line, put the names of anyone you want to be an op.
Don't worry, you can make ops in-game later.

That will do.

[Rose] Local Testing
Download the latest Minecraft launcher if you haven't already. At the same time the new server came out, so did a new client.

Load it up, select multiplayer, and try to connect to: localhost
If that doesn't work, click here for more information.

[Red] External connection
Now follow the appropriate instruction from these scenarios:

  • "I am just running this server for people on my home network."
    Follow this link to find out how to get your local IP, then give that to everyone who wants to connect.

  • "I am running this server for people outside my network."
    Go to and send that address to everyone whom you want to connect, or add your server to the server list.

[Yellow] [Lime] [Green] Your server should now be working for everyone! Very Happy
If you have an error, don't make a new thread!
First, check out the FAQ.

[RFlower] If the FAQ doesn't solve your problem, post here.

Happy crafting!
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How To Set Up Server [1.0]
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