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 How To Set Up A Server FAQ

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How To Set Up A Server FAQ Empty
PostSubject: How To Set Up A Server FAQ   How To Set Up A Server FAQ EmptySat Feb 19, 2011 10:49 am

This is the FAQ and solutions thread. Solutions to the most common errors will be collected and addressed here!

[size=150][WARNING] **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT![/size]
Possibility 1:
You have entered an external URL in the
Solution 1:
Instead of using, the IP you got from, use the LAN IP of your computer (will start 192.168.. or maybe 10.0..), or instead. If the server is yours, connect using whatever IP you've entered there.

Possibility 2:
More than one instance of the server software is running on the same port.
Solution 2:
When you set up the server, you probably ran it once to generate the map, then it closed. When you opened it again, the old instance was still running. Both are using the same port.
Close the server software. Ctrl + Shift + Esc to task manager Go to the processes tab. Sort alphabetically; look for all javaw.exe and end them.
Reopen the server software.

[size=150]Connection Reset or general connection problem[/size]
You are trying to access a server on your own computer using your external IP.
YOU must connect using the same internal IP you put in the file:
into the client sign in screen. OTHER PEOPLE need to use an external IP address.

You are not connecting to the right port on someone else's server.
Remember to put the port at the end of the IP address. Instead of "" enter "" or whatever port they have given you.

[size=150][SEVERE]java.lang.ClassCastException: ...[/size]
A part of the map can't be written.
Close the server. Delete the folder containing your world data.
Close all open instances of the server (javaw.exe) using Task Manager, and then start the server back up.

[size=150] Bad packet id <number>[/size]
The client is sending a packet to the server which doesn't contain what it promises to. This raises an error on the server's side. It maybe due to a substantial difference in system clock time on the server compared to the client.
Both the server and the client should synchronise their system clocks with
Right click the time in the system tray. Click "Adjust Date/Time". Go to "Internet Time" tab, and apply common sense in order to acheive the above.

[size=150][INFO] Player1 lost connection: End of stream[/size]
You're running Windows XP Service Pack 3.
Run Minecraft on a Virtual Machine on your computer, or use one with a different OS. Sorry!

[size=150]Kicking (IP Address): You need to log in![/size]
Your is invalid.
Remove any extra lines you've added to It should not contain, for example: verify-names, or grow-trees.[/quote]
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How To Set Up A Server FAQ
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