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PostSubject: SERVER RULES   SERVER RULES EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 11:15 pm

At Penorzilla we have very helpful admins and moderators that are willing to help you as long as you are willing to follow a few rules.

Rule 1: Griefing is not suggested. Meaning admins will kill you for griefing but its not bannable.

Rule 2: No advertising - This means no advertising of other servers or services/products.

Rule 3: No harassment or racism - I understand that MineCraft is played world wide and will make an effort to make sure everyone is accepted here!

Rule 4: Obey admins or they will punish you, if you believe an admin is behaving wrongly please contact me via forums or e-mail.

Rule 5: No proxies to connect.

Rule 6: No duping and/or hacking items into your inventory. This should be common sense.

Rule 7: No using client mods that help you build or fly or any other client mod hack.
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